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ZERO WASTE designs

bound to be straight silhouette

usually utilize a whole block of fabric.


I wanted to challenge myself with this, so I began to drape without any sketch.

The results were pure in design,

with simplicity in forms of cape and tunic styles similar to Roman and Greek clothing.

Artboard 12.png
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Artboard 17.png
Artboard 18.png
Artboard 19.png
Artboard 22.png

The definite way to create a fresh look

is a fresh way of approaching the design. 

To use all the fabric excess,

I draped garments like a sculptor.

As a result, unique cuts and designs

eventually came out

because I draped things in unconventional ways.

Artboard 20.png

Photographer: J.H. Lee
Assistant Photographer: Annie Zhang
Model: Joey Chai

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